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Morrnah Nalamuku Simeona

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The Ho'oponopono ceremony as taught by Morrnah Nalamuku Simeona is a simple yet effective method used by the Hawaiians for thousands of years. The goal of Ho'oponopono can be found by breaking down the term:

ho'o translates as to make, do, create
pono means to balance, goodness, correctness, perfect order
Ho'oponopono is a method of creating perfect order and balance in order to heal a situation.

Through discussion, prayer, honesty, ceremony and forgiveness, Ho'oponopono offers the ability to heal on mental, intra-personal, physical, temporal and spiritual levels. Ho'oponopono also helps you to reconnect with your family (ohana) or loved ones, those with which you are/have been in connection. It also helps you reconnect with the Divine. Ho'oponopono works under the concept of Oneness with everyone and everything. This Oneness is represented by a connection or aka that forms between two or more things when they come in contact (physical, mental or spiritual.) Many of us have been taught cord cutting in one form or another as a way to facilitate healing by releasing unwanted connections. Basically, it involves releasing the connections between yourself and person/place/thing. In its basic form, cord cutting can be quite effective. In many cases, however, people find that the cord is only temporarily cut. The situation can often return after the cut.

In the Hawaiian view, these connections are like telephone wires with one wire for transmitting your voice and another wire for receiving the voice on the other end. When you cut your transmit wire, there is still a connection that can be used to reconnect you to the issue. In Ho'oponopono, all parties (people, places, things, elementals...everything) release their connection(s) to the situation thereby making it very difficult for the connections to be rebuilt.

So, one may ask, How can Ho'oponopono heal? Let's begin to address this by looking further into Oneness and the Hawaiian's view of their world. The goal of Oneness is to reconnect you with God, YHWH, Divine Source, Great Spirit (or the name that you use to describe the Universal Oneness that is the source of all) and to help you get back in touch with that Spirit. I say back because we are all born with that strong Oneness connection.

Many belief systems identify Oneness with a master or leader. The Hawaiians believe that everyone and everything were a representation of the Divine and, as such, were treated as one would treat the Divine.

There are several Hawaiian myths concerning Oneness. While many of the details of the ancient wisdom are shrouded in secrecy, cultural dogma or lost in time, the main theme is realizing that you are not, and have never been, separate from the Divine Source. One of the aspects of this key theme is the release of blockages. A blockage is a piece of baggage or stone that you are carrying that keeps you from fully healing. In VisionSeeker: Shared Wisdom from the Place of Refuge and in Tales from the Night Rainbow, the authors relate an ancient Hawaiian healing tradition of the accumulation of stones in a bowl that holds our life force energy. The stones represent instances when you have been jealous, judgemental, uncarring, cruel - in general, negative. The more stones you have, the less room there is for the light or life force. How does one get rid of these stones? Simply turn the bowl over and pour them out! This symbolic dumping of our old ways of thinking, issues, wrongdoings, etc. removes the blockages to healing. In order to achieve a more complete healing, one must accept the blesson (a combination blessing and lesson) that he or she needs to learn and dump out the blockages that are holding him or her back from complete healing. An example of this can be found in patients who survived cancer and felt it was the best thing that ever happened to them. They appreciate life more, see the beauty of the world clearer and live life to the fullest. Many of us have also seen this type of reaction with heart attack victims. Survivors re-discover life as a gift to be cherished. They are able to learn their lessons, remove the blockage of being a victim and fully heal.

Just as a lesson can be the foundation for a developing illness, the normally unconscious perception that being sick is beneficial can be a powerful thought form. So powerful, in fact, that it can lead to actual physical illness. I, myself, have had instances where I believed that my desire not to do something has led to injury or illness. If we look closely, we all do or have done this at one time or another.

Ho'oponopono is a wonderful ceremony for removing these stones in your bowl of light and for permanently releasing any blockages or connections that aren’t serving us any longer.

The objectives of Ho'oponoopono are to:
A) release and cut all cords or connections that are not supporting the highest good of all involved;
B) achieve balance and peace of mind;
C) manifest healing;
D) release earthbound spirit(s) from individuals, places, situations, and objects; and
E) resolving and releasing negative experiences in past lives.
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