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Training via eBook (sent immediately via email):

Tarot Card Symbology
by Max Freedom Long

This book was incorporated into the first eleven issues (September 1959 to July 1960) of the Huna Vistas. In introducing the study, Max Freedom Long stated: "This will be the beginning of a series of research and presentation units which amount to a step-by-step INITIATION into the symbol meanings of the tarot cards."

Recovering the Ancient Magic
by Max Freedom Long

Magic in all its manifestations is treated in a compelling and personal fashion, and includes fire-walking, spiritualism, levitation, mind reading, and changes in physical material.

 The Secret Science Behind Miracles
by Max Freedom Long

This is the basic book of the Huna science used by the early Polynesians for healing, changing the future for the better, control of winds and weather, etc. Kahuna language reveals secret knowledge used by the miracle workers as well as keys to psychic phenomena.

The Secret Science at Work
by Max Freedom Long

Handbook of the Huna science used by the early Polynesians for healing, changing the future for the better, control of winds and weather, etc. Kahuna language reveals secret knowledge used by the miracle workers as well as keys to psychic phenomena. Includes how the coded Huna information was found in the Bible.

 Growing Into Light
by Max Freedom Long

The primer for putting to personal use the knowledge uncovered in the ancient Huna way, with aphorisms and simple exercises for growing into the Secret Science of Huna.

by Max Freedom Long

Huna more than doubles modern psychological knowledge in the use of Self-Suggestion for making the Basic Self play its part in using Huna. Here, at last, is an explanation of how and why mesmerism and hypnosis operate.

Mana, or Vital Force
by Max Freedom Long

This RARE book has been unavailable for the past TEN YEARS!

Accumulation of a Surcharge of MANA. The Pendulum Test. The Ferson Method. The Magnetic Pull Test. Mapping the Future. The Thought-Form Mold. The "Perfect" Ritual. "Recharging the Batteries." Mana--A Living Force. Potentized MANA. Necessity of Mana Confirmed

 The Huna Code in Religions
by Max Freedom Long

Recaps the first three books and presents later research on Huna information in the Bible, showing similar coded information in religions of the Egyptians, Israelites, Buddhists, and Yogis.

Short Talks on Huna
by Max Freedom Long

Nine personal talks covering step-by-step procedure for the study and discussion of Huna in a group or as an individual. Max Freedom Long speaks informally to his students about the TEN ELEMENTS OF MAN: As we "listen in" we hear theories and speculations on the origin of man and of the Huna system. But, he always comes back to the TEN ELEMENTS—the three selves with their "shadowy" bodies, three grades of vital force, and the physical body. And always he speaks in practical terms on the use of the Huna concepts.

Psychometric Analysis
by Max Freedom Long

“As the primary purpose of this book is to help those who may be interested to learn to make readings of the Biometric or Psychometric kind, and to analyse them, the instruction can begin at once. Some will learn to make readings with ease and will make them accurately. Some will learn more slowly and show less accuracy. Some will be unable to learn. In other words, a certain native talent or ability is needed, as in putting to use any of the ESP mechanisms. The best way to find out whether or not one can learn to make P.A. [Psychometric Analysis] readings is to try, and here is the way to set about it…”


Introduction to Huna
by Max Freedom Long

From the preface by Dr. E. Otha Wingo:

“This book is a reprint of that original Huna pamphlet, with a Preface and Epilogue added by Dr. E. Otha Wingo. It was first published in 1975 by Huna member Bill Finch, of Esoteric Publications and went out of print at his death.

Max Freedom Long has condensed a remarkable amount of information into this small book. After reading it, you will know whether the Huna system appeals to you or not. You may feel an attraction—almost like a “recognition”—and will want to study further by reading the other Huna books and becoming a member of Huna Research, Inc. You are invited to contact the Huna office for information.  The basics for the practical use of Huna are taught in a twelve-lesson correspondence course, LETTERS ON HUNA, A COURSE IN THE FUNDAMENTALS OF HUNA PSYCHOLOGY, written by Dr. E. Otha Wingo.”


 Wall of Protection Project
by Max Freedom Long

Outlines the use of prayer-actions to create a wall of protection. This effort was originally began to help protect service men and their families.

 Energy and Us
by Donald G Odum, D.C., and E. Otha Wingo, Ph. D.

From the preface:

“B.J. Palmer, in his book, The Bigness of the Man Within, spoke of Nerve Energy, Inborn Energy-Function, Innate Energy. The Yellow Emperor’s book, Nei Ching, speaks of “CHI” Energy, Universal Energy-Function.

Doctors of Medicine stimulate or sedate symptoms of disease.

Doctors of Chiropractic influence nerves by stimulation, vitamins, food, rest, and exercise.

Acupuncturists influence meridians by sedation, stimulation, vitamins, herbs, food, rest, and exercise.

Medicine, osteopath, and chiropractic appear to have good control over the blood-vascular system by using their expertise…physiologically, neurologically, influencing the body through INNATENESS.

Universal energy influences mainly the lymphatic system.

Together we have taken GREAT strides. When both have been used, we have seen greater success, because we now have a BETTER VEHICLE.

The system of making a patient healthy and staying healthy has been used an clinically proved over hundreds of centuries. The Middle Kingdom Healer did NOT receive payment when the patients were ill – ONLY WHEN THEY WERE HEALTHY.

As far as is known by this writer (Dr. Odum), this system has never before been in print as a complementary system to all other healing systems.

The system does not treat – it works all the time.

We now present ENERGY AND US.”

 HUNA: The Ancient Religion of Positive Thinking
by William R. Glover

Considered by many to be THE BEST BOOK WRITTEN on Huna. A complete introduction to Huna, its history, and application. A must read! The Code Language. The Three Selves of Man. Mana, the Life Force. Relaxation and Suggestion Techniques. Effective Prayer. Huna Prayer Format. The "Unanswered" Prayer. The Significance of Life

 Letters on Huna:
A Course in the Fundamentals of Huna Psychology
by Dr. E. Otha Wingo

This is the entire course as an eBook, previously distributed in 12 weekly printed lessons.

 "12 Weeks to Mastering The Secret Science Behind Miracles"

LETTERS ON HUNA provides basic instruction for the practical use of Huna in everyday life. The Course emphasizes the practical application of Huna in everyday life and contains ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to make the Huna system work for you.


1 - What is "secret" about Huna.

2 - The Three Selves, the Invisible Pattern, and the Force behind Huna.


4 - How to use Mana (Vital Force). Using the pendulum. Physical Stimulus. Recharging the Batteries.

5 - Basis of the Huna Prayer-Action. What's NEW in Huna. Changing the Future.

6 - For What May We Ask? Visualization. Serve to Deserve. Summary.

7 - Review. The Time Element. Huna's Great Secret.

8 - Unblocking the Aka Cord. The Hurtless Life. The "Twinge" method. Renegade Memories.

9 - Kala or CLEANSING.

10 - Designing the Thought-Form Picture for Results.

11 - The Nature of the Three Selves. "Direct Dialing."



Training on DVD:

Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power (10 DVDs)
training by Vince Wingo

Specifically outlines and leads you through the skills ... so all YOU have to do is take notes and do the drills.  These have been sold for $397.00 + $19.50 shipping. This includes as bonuses: Working Without a Net (2 DVDs) and  Kahuna Integration Secrets (2 DVDs)

Kahuna Secrets of Psychic Power Training covers:

  • The Three Master Keys of Kahuna Power... and more than 100 ways to use them.
  • The Four "Magic Questions" to Total Learning.
  • The Ultimate Success Formula ... and the Kahuna Secret of "How to Get There."
  • How to Focus Your Concentration Like a Laser Beam
  • The 3-Minute Lesson that teaches you HOW to apply the Scientific Method to Your Huna Work ... ... AND how to use the Three Perceptual Positions to Accelerate Your Success
  • The "Secret Question" that allowed Max Freedom Long to find-out HOW THE Kahuna did what they did.
  • How to Heal a Broken Bone
  • How to create REAL Thought-Forms that WORK ... with MEASURABLE RESULTS
  • How to build the psychic bridge between your conscious and your unconscious mind.
  • How to overcome negative influences and install an "auto-response" to stress.
  • The ten elements of Huna and how they relate to the three master keys of the kahuna.
  • How to generate massive amounts of mana.
  • How thoughts affect your energy.
  • Actual demonstration of aka cords and your inter-connectedness at the unconscious level.
  • How to cut the cords and how to reconnect.
  • Meeting your aumakua in a way you can understand.
  • Remote healing secrets.
  • The nine rules to form your prayer picture so that it will work and the kahuna ha rite prayer-action for creating your future.


 Ho‘oponopono (15 DVDs)
A week of training from the teaching of Morrnah N. Simeona

The "Lost" teachings of Morrnah Simeona's Ho'oponopono on DVD

Learn Ho'oponopono in its proper context as Morrnah Simeona intended.

Morrnah Simeona and her hand-picked team of experts ... most of which have been designated a "Living Treasure of Hawaii" for their significant contributions ... do all the training.

This was not just the
only presentation Morrnah permitted to be video taped ... this is also the only time these experts ever agreed to appear together.

The panel includes:

Charles W. Kenn

Charlie Kenn was an
olohe lua (lua master) and kahuna born in 1907. He was historian, professor, and author who was highly accomplished in a variety of martial arts. Kenn was honored in 1976 as a state "living treasure" for his pioneering work documenting Hawaiian language, culture and spiritual traditions.

Dr. Abraham Piianaia

Abraham St. Chad Kikiakoi Kalilioku Piianaia was a steward of native Hawaiian legacy, culture and language. A descendant of Hawaiian alii grounded in Hawaiian and Polynesian protocol and seafaring, he was the inauguaral director of the Hawaiian Studies Program at UH Manoa and a major force in the Polynesian voyaging revival. He was named a Living Treasure of Hawai‘i in 1999 and received outstanding alumnus honors from both UH and Kamehameha Schools and the 2004 Ke Alii Pauahi Legacy Award from the Order of Ke Ali‘i Pauahi Foundation.

Dr. Kekuni Blaisdell

Richard Kekuni Akana Blaisdell is a professor of medicine at the University of Hawaii, in Honolulu and is a co-founder of E Ola Mau, an organization of Hawaiian health professionals. His research interests include the spleen and blood disorders, the history of medicine, Polynesian medicine and Hawaiian health.

Clayton Naluai

Probably better known for Surf music in the 60's and starring in Hawaii 5-0, Clayton was instrumental in preserving traditional Hawaiian Energy work.

Dr. Rubellite Kawena Johnson

Kupuna, Rubellite Kawena Johnson was Emeritus Professor of Hawaiian, Department of Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures at the University of Hawaii, from 1967 to 1993. She is an expert in Hawaiian History, Culture and Religion.

Because Morrnah wanted to put
Ho'oponopono in its proper Cultural context ... so many topics are covered and integrated to form a cohesive whole.

It was filmed by volunteers from a Honolulu TV station using old Beta I technology, so it's definitely not "Blue-Ray" ... but it is
the information and historical significance that's important.


Training on CDs (audio):

The Complete Kahuna Wisdom Program
with Allen P. Lewis on Audio CD

Kahuna Wisdom: Clearing Your Lifepath, by Allan P. Lewis (5 CDs)

Kahuna Wisdom: Lessons in Living, by Allan P. Lewis (3 CDs)

These two courses are Lewis’s correspondence course in his own voice. His books by the same titles are out of print.

Clearing Your Life Through Kahuna Wisdom

1. The Basics of Kahuna Wisdom

  • The Minds of Man
  • The Bodies of Man
  • Of Breath and Mana
  • The One Commandment
  • To Gain Control

2. Into the Silence

  • Meditations and Visualizations
  • Re-program your sub-conscious mind
  • Take conscious control of your lifepath

3. Meet your subconscious

  • Reaching concesus

4. Clearing the Blocks

  • Releasing Sin
  • Clearing Fixations
  • Cutting the Cords
5. Meet Your High Self

Lessons In Living: Living in Harmony Through Kahuna Wisdom

1. Living in Harmony
2. Kahuna Mediation

3. The Ha Rite (Kahuna Prayer)

4. The Power of the Spoken Word

5. The Cleansing Rituals

6. Your Personal Protection

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